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Hello everyone and welcome to 3dphotolibrary.com. The product of an incredible amount of work, which still continues, the project has been underway for 10 years. My shooting 3D began in 2003, just as I was about to embark on a solo trip around the United States in a motor home. It ended up lasting a year and a half, during which I circled the US. American by birth (although a long term British resident), I felt compelled to understand or at least visit, the places for which I seem to be held accountable over here. It was a marvelous trip during which I saw many incredible things and discovered that America is as foreign a place as any I've ever been to.


However, I digress. At the beginning of my journey in Los Angeles, a professional visual effects friend from Hollywood suggested I might get a kick out of taking stereograms, or two pictures that eventually lead to one three-dimensional image. At first strange and awkward, I became interested enough to pursue the process. By the time I reached the Grand Canyon, I was hooked, curious to see how - and if  - these destinations could be captured with that extra depth. Almost 18 months later, when I finally returned to the UK, I had a massive collection of both the impressively great and the delighfully trivial from America.


Naturally, my attempts didn't stop there. In conjunction with my regular assignments as a travel photographer, I continued to shoot 3D of most of the places I visited. I had the opportunity to spend more time in Iceland and the countries of North Africa when I wrote travel guides to those locations. Almost every time I went away, whether it was to Birmingham or Brighton, China or Columbia, I took photos in both conventional and extra-dimensional formats. 


In addition, in 2009 I decided to solidify my digital knowledge with studying for an MA in digital art. There I explored the medium of 3D in a more artistic fashion and discovered ways of changing the images. The black and white section on the site requires working out the pictures at the initial level, as it's not possible to take a VU and convert it - the work must be done when the first two images are produced. The enhanced versions are the products of experimentation as to which manipulations are the most effective. 


A project that will never finish, I decided the time was right at least to launch the pictures that I've completed so far. With over 7,000 captioned and keyworded anaglyphs (red-cyan 3Ds - see 'About' on the main site for more details), there are many more yet to come.




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