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I thought I should describe those feelings when looking at work that might be okay but is certainly no better than mine. In fact, I feel that my images are more dynamic and innovative. So why is everyone ignoring me? 

I attempted to show my work to the curator here sometime back. I even handed him a brochure and viewer in person, when attending a lecture. Not even a reply. 

So there’s a ‘grrrr’ sensation welling up inside me, not exactly jealousy, because it’s alright those other artists being on display. It’s just that I should be there, too. 

Although I still make more money with the conventional work (and last month, three of my libraries actually paid me!), I find it relatively ordinary. A great picture is rare, a good picture, common. Perhaps the trick is to be first person to do an image, such as the great historical photographers of the past, or to do something different. 

The latter is me! I’ve taken an old technology and propelled it into the 21st century, as I often say. People are still fascinated with stereograms, as seen at the centre today.

My work is even more radical, taking the process three steps further, first converting to an anaglyph, then taking through a filter and then, often, an additional one. 

This feeling is like an itch at a place I can’t reach. It makes me squirm, a bit grumpy yet become very motivated. I think it’s similar to what happened at Pictor when my boss Alberto said my work wasn’t good enough. The reaction was, ‘I’ll show him!!”. In the case of my 3Ds, whom do I show? Whom can I contact whom I hadn’t reached before? Should I try the same people/organisations again, in case there’s been a change of heart, or a change in staff? 

I can’t decide if I should let it go, knowing I’ve made a decent living as a photographer and had an incredible - travelling - life, or if I should really fight. I believe my anaglyph images should be seen - they’re a true step further in the use of photography. They also should fit right into this new Virtual Reality world. They’re a low tech and very inexpensive version. As the notes at the relevant display at the V&A say, ‘Stereograms were an early form of virtual reality.’

I just received my partner’s text answering my earlier message of whining. ‘Grrr’ he replied. My thoughts exactly...

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INSPIRED...or morally compelled? https://www.3dphotolibrary.com/blog/2018/10/inspired-or-morally-compelled I attended an excellent workshop on creative blogging yesterday, headed by the charming and humorous William Gallagher. An accomplished and prolific writer himself, he persuaded us that we should all be blogging enthusiastically. Although money shouldn't be the object of the exercise, according to him, he certainly spent quite a lot of time explaining how our efforts could pay. Perhaps he was bowing to the demands of the creative, but freelance, audience. Or possibly, there was a bit of irony in his presentation. At the end of the session, he tried to persuade me to add to my blog that very night...well, this morning, is almost as good an alternative.

Other people in the course were very much of the same mind, perhaps due to self selection of similar people. They were nearly as entertaining as the speaker. I do go on these normally well-presented courses to meet others, as well as possibly learn something.

I do hope she doesn't mind being mentioned here, but Angela proved to have an extraordinary skill (in addition to the normal ones most of us have). She's a trainer in Lightsabre Combat Sport! I had seen a brief session of this at Comincon at Excel last year and that already took me surprise. Having fenced - the sport, not the transport of stolen goods - I could see how this activity might take hold. Still, it was a change of mindset to see it as a legitimate combat event. We're not talking digital - this requires a physical device with real movement. Nice to see a digital creation turn into something analogue. I might even have a go in the near future, bring my old fencer back to life.

I attempted to take a couple of 3D images of Angela, as shown below A new version of the 'sword in your face' angle, the mandatory stereographic film image of a sword eing pointed right at the viewer, Even Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the one in the series in 3D, had it.

Subsequently, I'll be describing many other 3D, photo and stereoscopic related events here from now on. If you're interested in my travels, everything from exotic locations to day-to-day activities, check out my blog at Travelographer2.wordpress.com

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