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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
CANADA, AB, Fort MacLeod, NWMP Fort_09anaVUCANADA, AB, Writing-on-Stone Prov Pk_15ana_bwCANADA, NS, Neil's Harbour_0018_bwCANADA, NS, postbox_001_053CANADA, NS, Shelburne_0004_53CANADA, ONT, Man.Is-Timberlane-Lodge_03_1_53CANADA, ONT, Man.Is-Timberlane-Lodge_14_1_53CANADA, ONT, Man.Isl Timberlane Lodge_18ana_bwCANADA, ONT, Manintoulin Isl_04ana_bwCANADA, ONT, Manitoulin Isl_10ana_sepiaCANADA, ONT, Manitoulin Isl_14aana_bwCANADA, ONT, Niagara Falls (20)ana-BW