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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
COLOMBIA, Cartagena_0046_bwCOLOMBIA, Cartagena_0073_bwCOLOMBIA, Cartagena_0092_bwCOLOMBIA, Cartagena, Fort St Felipe_0033_bwCOLOMBIA, Cartagena, Fort St Felipe_0038_bwCOLOMBIA, Convento Santo Ecce Homo_0001_bwCOLOMBIA, Hacienda El Caney_0014_bwCOLOMBIA, Villa de Leyva, Posada de San Antonio_0005_bwCOLOMBIA, Taganga_0011_bwCOLOMBIA, Taganga_0043_bwCOLOMBIA, Valley View_0009_bwCOLOMBIA, Villa de Leyva_0023_bwCOLOMBIA, Villa de Leyva_0073_bwCOLOMBIA, Villa de Leyva_0075_bw