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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
CHINA, Beijing, Drum Tower_0007_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0016_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0021a_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0025_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0026_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0035_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0046_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0052_bwCHINA, Beijing, Forbidden City_0057_bwCHINA, Beijing, Summer Palace_0018_bwCHINA, Beijing, Temple of Heaven_0003a_bwCHINA, Beijing, Temple of Heaven_0010_bwCHINA, Beijing, Wanfujing St_0025_bwCHINA, Fengje port_0005_bwCHINA, Fengje port_0009_bwCHINA, Fengje port_0011_bwCHINA, Mutiany, Gt Wall_0025_bwCHINA, Mutiany, Gt Wall_0051_bwCHINA, Mutiany, Gt Wall_0116_bwCHINA, Mutiany, Gt Wall_001_bw

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