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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
USA, AL, Alabama Battleship _23_1bwUSA, AL, Battleship Parkway_06_1v2_53USA, AL, Dauphin Island_01_53USA, AL, Drum submarine_03_1v2bwUSA, AL, Estuarium_08_01_53USA, AL, Magnolia Cemetery_01_1bwUSA, AL, Magnolia Cemetery_110_1_bwUSA, AZ, Cameron Trading Post crafts_05_1_bwUSA, AZ, Oatman, Stage coach_13_1bwUSA, Bayou la Batre_35_1_53USA, CA, Baker, Fresh Alien Jerky_0008ana_bwUSA, CA, Baker, Fresh Alien Jerky_0010ana_bwUSA, CA, Baker, Fresh Alien Jerky_0021ana_bwUSA, CA, Baker, Fresh Alien Jerky_0025ana_bwUSA, CA, Cima_0006_53USA, CA, coast near Westport_0007_1bwUSA, CA, Ferndale Main St_0021_1_bwUSA, CA, Ferndale Main St_0021_1_bwUSA, CA, Highway 1 Bixby Bridge_01_1_bwUSA, CA, Keys Ranch_005253