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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
LIBYA, Cyrene, Sanctuary of Apollo - Temp of A_0014_bwLIBYA, Leptis Magna, Archs of Septimius Severus_0005b_bwLIBYA, Leptis Magna, Archs of Septimius Severus_0014a_bwLIBYA, Leptis Magna, Decumanus_00037_bwLIBYA, Leptis Magna, Market_0010_bwLIBYA, Leptis Magna, Severan Forum_0006_bwLIBYA, Leptis Magna, Severan Forum_0027_bwLIBYA, Sabratha, 007b_bwLIBYA, Sabratha, Justinian's Basilica_0017_bwLIBYA, Sabratha, Theatre Baths_0013_bwLIBYA, Sabratha, Theatre_0025_bwLIBYA, Tripoli misc_0015_bw