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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
FRANCE, Le Grau de Roi_0015ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes_0010ana_bwFRANCE, Le Grau de Roi_0052ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes_0042ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes_0044ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes, Carousel_0002aana_bwFRANCE, Nimes, Carousel_0004ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes, Carousel_0010ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes, Maison Carree_0013ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes, St Baudile_0012ana_bwFRANCE, Nimes, St Baudile_0022ana_bwFRANCE, Pont du Gard_0014ana_bwFRANCE, Pont du Gard_0026aana_bwFRANCE, Pont du Gard_0046ana_bwFRANCE, Pont du Gard_0063ana_bwFRANCE, Ruins nr PdG_0003ana_bwFRANCE, Vers_0013ana_bwFRANCE, Vers_0017ana_bwFRANCE, Vers_0020ana_bwFRANCE, Vers_0022ana_bw