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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
CZ, Prague, |Astronomical Clock_0003ana_bwCZ, Prague, Charles Bridge views_0007ana_bwCZ, Prague, Charles Bridge_0003ana_bwCZ, Prague, Charles Bridge_0007ana_bwCZ, Prague, Charles Bridge_0011aana_bwCZ, Prague, Josevof_0001ana_bwCZ, Prague, Josevof, Synagogue_0001ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana puppets_0005ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0005ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0007ana_nwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0009ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_000111ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0013ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0016ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0018ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0020ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0034ana_bwCZ, Prague, Mala Stana_0036ana_bwCZ, Prague, misc_001ana_bwCZ, Prague, misc_007ana_bw