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These images are, more or less, black and white copies of the pictures in 3Ds - basic.
UK, Aldeburgh, Hambling's Scallop_0009_bw*UK, Aldeburgh, Hambling's Scallop_0015_bw*UK, B'ham Xmas mkt_0010ana_bwUK, B'ham Xmas mkt_0035ana_bwUK, Battle Abbey_0010_bwUK, Battle Abbey_0015_bw*UK, Bexhill_0011_bw*UK, Bexhill_0027_bw*UK, Bexhill_0034a_bw*UK, Bexhill_0047_bw*UK, Bexhill, De la Warr Pavilion_0001_bw*UK, Bexhill, De la Warr Pavilion_0003_bw*UK, Birmingham canal view_0017_bw*UK, Blackpool_0102_bw*UK, Blackpool_0119_bwUK, Blackpool_0208_bw*UK, Blackpool_0217_bw*UK, Blackpool_0256_bwUK, Blackpool, Central Pier_0004_bwUK, Blackpool, Central Pier_0018_bw