3Dphotolibrary's three-dimensional views are different from most other anaglyphs.
The emphasis is on quality of the image, not merely the 3D effect for its own sake.

3Dphotolibrary is essentially a commercial image bank, offering licenses for sale for the purpose of reproduction.

3D - basic shows the original 3D photographs;
black and white presents monochromatic versions;
enhanced adds an impressionistic or graphic quality while still preserving the 3D aspects.

All three styles can be reproduced conventionally, whether in print or on screen.

The pictures are also available for sale as fine art prints and for private use. Included with every purchase are two pairs of red-cyan viewers (see the PRINT INFORMATION Gallery in All Photographs, for further details).

Red-cyan (3D) viewers are offered in an inexpensive paper format with arms, or in a more durable plastic version. Any quantity can be supplied.

Would you like your product visualised in 3D?Please get in touch, as we also offer three-dimensional photography on a commissioned basis.

Please keep your 3D viewers and checking the website - the library is constantly growing.

If you create red-cyan anaglyphs we'd be interested in seeing your photographs. Producers of work of a suitably high quality will be invited to join the library on the standard financial-split basis.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the user/purchaser to determine whether releases are required for commercial reproduction of any of these images. The agency and photographer are not accountable for any problems relating to unauthorised use.